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tKOP Screenpack Portraits, Eyes & Icons

 So on the begining you must know groups assigned to each sprite:

Portrait: 9000,1

Eyes: 9000,0

Icon: 9000,100

 Dont swap Icon with eyes, change its number to 100, than add eyes.

 .All Portraits and Eyes are in Character Patch Folder.

 .Use Ryu portrait as template, eyes have own Template.

 .All portraits are Double Sized.

How to make portrait:

Make Image file big enough to handle 2 portraits, paste Ryu's portrait to is, than create new layer and paste new portrait and character sprite to it, set positions of new portrait & sprite that he matches Ryu's postitions, delate Ryu, canvas your portrait and the rest you know.

How to add portrait:

Its Easy, when you already created your portrait (or want to add already done by me) first insert Ryu's portrait, set his pos to 0,0 and turn on Onion skin, now you can add new portrait, all characters miniatures have its front Leg in the same place [A], portraits have its "Down Parts" more or less in the same place[A].


Editing SVC:MOTM into tKOP

 This is small tutorial explaining how edit SvC:MotM sprites that they fit into tKoP:

 There are 5 steps;

.Step I:  Remove background, separate stance sprites from all other sprites.

.Step II: Remove black-only areas (look at Iori's Shoes or his sleaves on pick 1 & 2).

.Step III: Add 1st level colours, ussualy I open someones else character (CvsIori in this case), take printscreen of first sprite & paste that shot in Gimp. Also add details (Look at Iori's pants).

.Step IV: Add 3rd level colours.

.Step V: Add 2nd level colours.

Shading rules: Make 3rd lvl shades always 2 pix from internal black line, the same with 2nd lvl shades, but in this case only from 3rd lvl shade line, at the end edit their shape that they'll look good.

Sprite Position

Here's small tutorial 'bout weight hold position:

Standing sprites are the most important ones, 'cause every sprite (Standing & crouching only) have addicted position from them, second leg (in this case left) is the one that character hold his weight,

Keep your eye on body parts that keeps weight 'cause they doesnt move from their place.

Icons in title screen

I was looking around for any tutorial showin' how to do this, but I have'nt found any, so here is how I found out how to do this:

What Im talking about? About Custom Icons in title screen, something like this:

First of all you must create two image files, each of them must contain your icons, in my case every icon is 50x25 pixels.

in first one put them in normal colour:

the second one should'nt be the same as the first one, so Greyscale it (for example)

Now open font editor (I use FntEditor) and open first Image, in text area put those values:

Size = 25,25
Spacing = 1,125;(I forgot why its 125)
Colors = 256
Offset = 1,0
Type = Variable

A 0 50
B 50 50
C 100 50
D 150 50
E 200 50
F 250 50
G 300 50
H 350 50
I 400 50
J 450 50
K 500 50

As you can see each letter is an icon, so if you type A you'll see Arcade, B VS etc., save it as .fnt.

In system.DEF, go to [Title Info] and set those thing like this:

menu.item.font = 2,0,0;Greyscaled Icons = 1,0,0;Normal Icons
menu.item.spacing = 0, 24
menu.itemname.arcade = "A"
menu.itemname.versus = "B"
menu.itemname.teamarcade = "C"
menu.itemname.teamversus = "D"
menu.itemname.teamcoop = "E"
menu.itemname.survival = "F"
menu.itemname.survivalcoop = "G" = "H" = "I"
menu.itemname.options = "J"
menu.itemname.exit = "K"
menu.window.margins.y = 24, 96
menu.window.visibleitems = 1
menu.boxcursor.visible = 0
menu.boxcursor.coords = 0,0,0,0
menu.window.margins.y 24 is the up margin, when you move down all icons that will move up disappear, 96 set the down margin, any icons further than 96 from active icon are'nt shown.

menu.window.visibleitems set to 1 makes active icon stay in one place, and only inactive icons moves.

menu.item.spacing set space beetwen middles of letters, I set 24 (not 25) because I wanted to make Icons connected(there is black li




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